Welcome back Mike Pelfry!

Oh hey, Mike Pelfry! Didn’t know you were still pitching in the major leagues. Let’s be serious, every Mets fan was counting every Pelfry start as a lose before the season began. Now? Pelfry’s games are not guaranteed loses. I know we’re only 14 games into the season and Pelf has only pitched twice (three times?). That’s irrelevant. The important thing here is that Pelf is pitching – and pitching well. After last season’s complete meltdown and complete lack of ability to pitch I did not want Pelfry pitching. I wanted him gone from the Mets, causing some other team perpetually pain and heartbreak. But now I’m glad Pelf is still a Met. Again, it’s still early in the season and he can still return to his terrible ways. However I’m choosing to be cautiously optimistic. Pelf hasn’t looked this good pitching in a long time. Last season you can tell he was just a head case who let bad pitches and outings affect long after play was finished. It is truly a shame that he didn’t get the win given how well he pitched today. I can only hope that the Mets will continue to play well behind his future outings so he can get the wins he deserves. And I’m also keeping my fingers crossed that Pelfry maintains this mentality of winning and pitching well so that I can continue to count on him to pitch well! Let’s go Mets!


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The honeymoon is over

That proclamation has nothing to do with the Mets getting their first loss yesterday and everything to do with David Wright’s injury. Obviously the Mets were not going to go 162-0. They had to lose eventually and I’m glad it happened now because there is so much more pressure to keep winning when you’re at 15-0 than when you’re at 4-0. Besides, I’d rather the Mets be 4-1 than 1-4.

The bigger issue at hand is how long is David Wright going to be out? It was determined he fractured the middle part of his pinkie finger. I don’t know how bad the fracture is or how long something like takes to heal. I can only hope that his recovery will be quick and he’ll be back in the lineup before anyone can miss. While I feel relatively confident that his back up can perform well while Wright is out, I don’t feel confident that the team can handle a long-term absence by him. He is a team leader and to lose him would be devastating.  The Mets will be re-evaluating his finger today and coming up with a timeline for his return so we’ll know soon enough how long he’ll be out for.

The worst part of the timing of this injury is the fact that last season is still fresh on everyone’s minds. The four game win streak was doing a great job of letting people forget about the past two seasons, which is not an easy thing to do. Ever since the collapse of 2007, every Mets season has been miserable and painful to watch. This season started out so promising and the Mets were having so much fun. And now we’re just reminded of how cursed the Mets are. I’m keeping my fingers crossed this injury is not the preview of things to come for the Mets. It’s time for the Mets to start having some good luck. I mean really, after the past two years how much further can they fall? The only way to go now is up, right? LGM!

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The Mets are heating up!

And apparently, so are the Mets writers! Last night on Facebook, the Mets page referenced the movie Zoolander when talking about Daniel Murphy’s walk-off game winning single. The line they used? “It’s a walk-off!” Classic. And to make things even better in Mets-world, this morning the official Mets website, had this beauty for a headline: “Baxter, we’re not even mad at you!” Ok really? Zoolander and Anchorman references in less than 12 hours? Way to go Mets writers! Now, I don’t know how they’re going to top this, but I cannot wait to see how they try!

Ok, let’s talk about the game now. How exciting was that finish??? I think Daniel Murphy is my new favorite Met (I say ‘I think’ because there are so many players to choose from right now, how am I supposed to only pick one???) His defensive play to end the top of the 9th was clutch and that walk-off hit was perfect. He couldn’t have hit that ball any better if he had tried!

I think the real player of the game is Mike Pelfry. No one has any expectations for him – no one. He has been so terrible the past few years that if he gives outings like yesterday’s all season, it will be a successful season for him. I know I went into this season with the mentality that every game Pelfry pitches will a loss for the Mets. But maybe that won’t be the case. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that he keeps it together this season and doesn’t have a complete breakdown. The Mets cannot afford that!

Last thought from the game: Poor Ike. You can see his frustrations building as he struggles to get that first hit – which of course makes it harder for him to get a hit. I want him to get a hit so badly. He missed most of last season, he was diagnosed with the random Valley Fever (still not sure what sort of disease that is…) and now he can’t get a hit. All he needs is that first hit and it will all be smooth sailing after that!

For the first time since 2007 the Mets are 4-0 and I think for the first time since that season, they’ve finally shaken the ghosts of their epic late season collapse. I’m going to enjoy this wave of Mets wins for as long as it lasts. LGM!

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Baseball is Back…and so am I!

I know, I know. A LOT has happened since my last post about 3 months ago. I just couldn’t find the motivation to write. But I’m back now…and apparently so are the New York Mets! I know we’re only three games into the season but 3-0? First place in the NL East? Hi, did ANYONE (at least outside the Mets organization) see this happening? The Mets and Nationals are 1-2 in the NL East. The Phillies have one win in four games. The only team that hasn’t surprised me is the Marlins. Pretty much saw this coming from a mile away. They will be mediocre all year. Guaranteed.

Anyway, I think the Mets are going to exceed expectations this year. Everyone is convinced they’re going to finish in last place, with 90-100 loses. I don’t think that’s going to happen. Now, I think this upcoming series against the Nationals followed by the series against the Phillies will be the true test of how the team does for the remainder of the season. Again, I know we’re only three games in to the season but the Mets look like they’re having fun. And everyone knows when you’re having fun, you play better. All I can hope is that the Mets completely shatter the expectations of the outside media. I don’t care if they win the division or the World Series (see? I can be realistic!) I just want the Mets to exceed expectations.

For the first time in years (literally, years) I am excited about baseball. I truly hope the Mets can make this feeling last because as a New York sports fan living near Philadelphia the last few years have been dreadful. It doesn’t help that my teams lose the games that matter the most (looking at you, New York Jets!!!). All I want is a team that I can cheer for, a team that has a hope and a chance at not having a terrible, depressing, losing season. And honestly, after last football season, I think I deserve that, don’t you?

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RIP Gary Carter

Sad news from the baseball world today: Gary Carter lost his battle with brain cancer. While he played for the Mets well before I knew anything about baseball, his name was one that was always mentioned in my household growing up. It was a pretty sad day when the news first came out in May that he had brain cancer. The saddest part is how quickly the cancer claimed his life and I can only hope that his family can find some solace in the fact that he is no longer suffering.

Everything that I’ve read from those who knew him as a player and after his playing days ended all noted how he was a great person. Granted, even if he was a terrible person no one is going to call him out on it now. But every comment about how he loved the game seemed genuine. I liked the comments about how he got his nickname, “The Kid.” It’s always refreshing to read about professional players who truly loved what they did for a living.

The baseball world lost someone great today. Now we can only hope that players both present and future will take the legacy Gary Carter leaves and try to be like “The Kid.”

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Let’s Go Explorers!!

There are five games left in the regular season for La Salle. Three of those games are against teams that are ahead of us in the A10 standings – Temple, Massachusetts, andSt. Bonaventure. The other two games are against Fordham and George Washington. Fordham is in the very bottom of the A10 right now and I think La Salle should be able to beat them. As it stands now, Fordham wouldn’t make the playoffs. In the current standings, George Washington would make the playoffs as the twelfth seed. La Salle currently sits in sixth place, and barring a complete melt-down to end the season, will make the A10s easily. Normally, I would be worried about that season-ending melt-down but I have a lot more confidence in this year’s team than I have had in past teams.

Senior year (2009-2010 season) was without a doubt the worst for me. That was the year the team was supposed to finish in like the Top 5 in the A10 and instead finished either dead last or second to last (I’m trying to block that season out – it’s still too depressing to think about.) All that promise and nothing came out of it. This year’s team looks so much better than the ’09-’10 squad. They definitely don’t get as many of the dumb, cheap fouls I’m used to seeing in games. The turnover issue is a little better, but the team still gives away easy turnovers a little too often for my liking. A lot of times, the turnovers come on really dumb plays and would easily be avoided if the players would stop trying to be all cute and fancy under the net and go for a blind, behind-the-back pass. It’s such a dumb move!

Anyway, the point I’m trying to make here is that La Salle really only needs to win three of their last five games and they’re in the A10s. Now I would love for one of those wins to be against Temple, our A10/Big Five rival who ALWAYS wins the A10 tournament. I hate feeling like Temple’s little brother. Plus, it’s a home game for La Salle and I REALLY don’t like the idea of the Owls coming into our house and winning. It’s time to put the Owl down. A win at home over Temple would be huge for La Salle. First of all, the bragging rights would be awesome. Secondly, it would show that La Salle basketball is back on track. Finally, it would give the team the confidence it needs to finish the season strong and head into the A10s feeling like they can make it past the first round. And making it past the first round would be awesome!

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When sports collide with Hollywood…

So when I read the headline for this article from ESPN.com my first thought was “Isn’t he the guy who married Hilary Duff a few years ago?” Not even kidding. Now, I’ve never pretended to be a big hockey fan; I’m more of a casual supporter (Let’s go Islanders and Rangers!). However, my first reaction upon reading that a hockey player is retiring due to consistent injury shouldn’t be that he’s married to a former Disney channel star who’s show I watched (don’t judge….you know you watched it too!) My first thought upon reading this article should have been “Who?” But no. Instead I went right for the Hollywood connection.

Anyway, it’s kind of sad story. Thirty-one years old and already forced into retirement due to injury. Granted, there is more to live than playing, or any sport, professionally. But you know a little part of him died when he had to face the truth that he will never play professional hockey again. When you work your entire life to make it to the pros, you want to have an impact and leave on your own terms. His story kind of reminds of former Jet and current Hall of Famer, Curtis Martin. He spent his entire last season of playing injured on the sideline. His body gave up before he did. While Curtis Martin was able to have a full career that led him to the Hall of Fame, what is Comrie left with?

Sure, he’s married with his first child on the way. He’s not leaving the game with absolutely nothing to turn to. But do you ever wonder what a player as young as Comrie thinks when he’s forced into retirement at such a young age? Do you think he wishes he made different decisions in life? I don’t know, maybe I’m just being sentimental. I just feel bad for any player who has a career forced into retirement by injury. I feel like professional athletes who pour their hearts and souls into the game deserve to leave the game they love on their own terms.

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